Your dedicated, worldwide Partner for Metal Forming Solutions

Automotive Industry – innovative solutions to reduce cost


SizTech designs and manufactures innovative equipment for the automotive industry.


Applications are among others axle rear and front, exhaust parts, brake drums, bearing, forging, motor housing, E-mobility.


As we are a partner of Fontijne Holland, steel wheel manufacturing solutions are also possible.

Automotive_passenger cars
Automotive_construction vehicle
Automotive_train wheels
Shrinker-Automotive-Rotation Shaft_web
Shrinker-Automotive-Shock Absorbers_web
Expander-Industrial-Motor Housing Shells_web
Expander-Industrial-Aluminum Motor Housing Enclosure (3)_web

Aerospace industry – innovative metal forming solutions to make the impossible-possible


SizTech designs and manufactures innovative equipment for the aerospace industry.


Applications are among others jet inlet and outlet nozzles, jet tanks, conical shaped parts, profiled parts, complex materials, as Titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy, cold and hot forming, complex shapes, round oval, square, with high tolerances, without machining, near net shape metal flow solutions.

Aerospace_turbine aircraft
Aerospace_Turbine in Detail
Expander-Shrinker-Roll former-Aerospace-Engine_web
Shrinker Expander
Roll Former-Aerospace-Engine Component_web
Roll former-Aerospace-Engine Component (2)_web
Roll former-Aerospace-Engine Component (4)_web

Energy (Forging) Industry – innovative solutions to save weight, eliminate (material) stresses and reduce tolerances


SizTech custom designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the energy (forging) industry.


Applications include but are not limited to seamless rolled rings, slewing bearings, bearings, support rings, flanges, different applications for the turbine industry, the wind turbine industry, off-road equipment, and aerospace industry.

Energy_wind turbine
Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Expander
Expander-Shrinker-Forging Industry-Seamless Rolled Ring1_web
Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Shrinker
Energy_forged blank
Shrinker Expander
Energy_forged ring

Power Generation Industry – innovative solutions to improve quality and to reduce cost


SizTech custom designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the power generation industry. This includes wind power generation, coal, oil and gas power generation, and nuclear power generation.


Applications include but are not limited to nozzles, burners, bearings, flanges, housings, and tanks.

Power Generation_transmission
Power Generation_transmission in detail
Expander-Shrinker-Forging Industry-Seamless Rolled Ring1_web
Roll-former_Engine Component
Shrinker Expander

Pipe Industry – extend your live of your Full Length Pipe Expander


SizTech designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the pipe industry. These pipes are used e.g. in the oil and gas, nuclear, and construction industry.


Applications are among others transportation pipe, precision pipe, drilling pipe, seamless and welded; calibration and forming of pipe ends, bellows and spigots as well as reducing drilling pipe diameter.


SizTech is also your worldwide partner to supply parts and service for full length pipe expanders (for more information see our service page).

Pipe_pipeline construction
Pipe_manufacturing in assembly hall
Full Length Pipe Industry-Pipe Industry-Service-Cone_1_web
Pipe_manufactured pipes

Industrial Industry – if you don’t see a solution for your metal forming application


SizTech designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the industrial industry.


Application in this industry are various. If you have a (round) part, and do not know how to form it, ask SizTech.


Applications can be: rings, profiles – welded or not welded – in different shapes – square, oval – with or without complex materials.

Industrial landscape
Industrial_automotive transmission
Industrial_finished part
Expander-Industrial-Aluminum Motor Housing Enclosure (3)_web
Expander-Industrial-Domestic Appliance_web_web
Expander-Industrial-Motor Housing Shells_web
Roll former Shrinker-Industrial-Butterfly valve (2)_web
Roll former Shrinker-Industry-Butterfly valve_web
Roll former-Aerospace-Engine Component (4)_web