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SizTech’s International Business News!

We are very proud to announce that starting 1-1-2021 Mr. Jacob van Balen will join SizTech.

Mr. van Balen will sit on the Board of Directors and have the role of International Business Development for SizTech.

Being based in the Netherlands, Mr. van Balen’s focus is to grow the European and Asian markets.

For decades he has been working actively for international businesses where he has established a worldwide network and has great expertise in metal forming!

His strong business skills, network, and experience comes from past companies such as Fontijne Grotnes and Leifeld Metal Spinning.

Mr. Jacob van Balen will be a great asset to SizTech with his knowledge and network and we are confident that Jacob will strengthen our team and the support to our customers.

If you wish to congratulate Mr. Jacob van Balen or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to comment, or contact him via

Or connect with him on LinkedIn at: Jacob van Balen

We are exciting to share this international business news with you.

Congratulations Jacob and welcome aboard!!

Shane Zoglman


New Board of Director of SizTech

Why Sizing Matters in Rolled Ring Production

Cover of Forging magazine showing a man with mouth protection and a helmet
News from SizTech in the Forging Magazine

In the July/Aug 2020 edition of Forging Magazine, Ryan shares why sizing seamless rolled rings improves overall efficiency of production for the forging industry and much more!                                                                                                                                                           
Sizing:   Expanding     Shrinking
View Ryan’s article on pg. 16 in the link below.


A expander for metal forming in facility production

Industry News highlights New Website for SizTech!

SizTech’s new website has been highlighted in the Industry News section of The Fabricator Magazine. Our website is bringing in a lot of traffic which leads us to believe it is user friendly. Our new website is loaded with industry photos and great technical descriptions of our processes in hopes better inform our site visitors. Please let us know your thoughts about our new site!

Our Products are listed per process. Our processes are expanding, shrinking, roll forming, shrinking & expanding.

See our news for yourself in the July edition on pg 26.

Metal forming solutions in magazine The Fabricator

New Website

Welcome to our new website! Throughout our first year, we have developed the right content to launch this NEW and IMPROVED website for our network. Our website provides informative technical explanations about our engineering processes and visual graphics to represent our machinery and the industries we serve. We are excited to share this and all the benefits and innovative solutions our equipment have to offer. As well as keep up to date on the latest news.

Thank you for visiting our NEW website!

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The new website for metal forming solutions

1 Year Anniversary

SizTech launched on April 11, 2019 and our team began calling on our established relationships and reaching out to new contacts in the metal forming market. We approached the market to introduce the metal forming processes we develop and the equipment we build. Since then, thanks to our loyal and valued customer base, we have continued to grow. SizTech’s metal forming equipment includes Expanders, Shrinkers, Roll formers and Shrinker Expanders. We serve various industries around the world. Our customers recognize and trust our experienced team to deliver precise results for their end products. Our vision and mission guide us to provide our customers with quality machinery, spare parts, rebuilds, and services.

SizTech is operating globally! We now have several informed agents to support their local regions internationally. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.


In addition to our core processes, SizTech supports the Pipe and Automotive Industries. Worldwide, the Pipe Industry calls on SizTech for complete service and spare parts for their full length pipe expanders and pipe end expanders. We also support the automotive steel wheel market. SizTech is proudly partnered with Fontijne Holland to provide everything necessary to all wheel manufacturers within North America.


Today, April 11, 2020, SizTech celebrates its 1-year anniversary! With hard work and dedication, we have built a strong foundation. As we proceed,  our passion for metal forming grows. It is great to see our customer’s part concepts turn into innovative solutions. These delivered projects drive us to provide new solutions each day. Presently, we are all navigating through this unprecedented time with COVID-19, please be assured, that we are here to support you.


LinkedIn: SizTech

Siztech in metal forming business for one year